Our Family of Donors – 2020

A heartfelt thank you to the following individuals, companies, and organizations who donated generously in 2020. We strive to maintain accurate donor lists and regret any errors or omissions. Please contact us at info@campodayin.org with any corrections.

Foundation Grants

Abbott Fund
Boston Scientific Corp
Camp Thunderbird Charitable Foundation
Canadian Pacific
ECMC Foundation GO! Program
Hardenbergh Foundation
Kinney Family Foundation
Margaret Rivers Fund
Medtronic Foundation
MGIC Foundation
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
New Berlin Junior Woman’s Club
RBC Foundation USA
Richard M Schulze Family Foundation
Robert S. Starr Foundation
Sanford Health
Stillwater Rotary Club
TASC CARES Foundation
TJMaxx/TJX Foundation

Corporations & Organizations

3M Foundation
AgCountry Farm Credit Services
Agiliti Health
Allina Health-Dollars for Doers
Amazon.com-AmazonSmile Foundation
Ameriprise Financial
Bercom Handy Paint Products/Bercom Intl
Best Buy
BlueCross BlueShield
Boston Scientific Corp.
Burns & McDonnell
Carroll Electric Membership Corporation
Children’s MN/Children’s Heart Clinic
Deluxe Corporation
Discover Financial Services
First Light Asset Management
Fresh Industries Limited
General Mills
KensieMae, LLC
Lasting Imprint, Inc.
Liberty Mutual Insurance
MASCO Corporation
Piper Sandler
RYAN Companies
SeQuel Response
SIMPSON Manufacturing Co.
Thrivent Financial
Tradition Capital Bank
UnitedHealth Group
US Bank
Wells Fargo
Xcel Energy

Outside Events

Communities that KARE
Coulee Bank – “Jeans Day Friday”
GelMoment/Alyssa Thomas Virtual Party
Hy-Vee “My Heart” Reusable Bag Campaign
Mend a Heart Foundation
Mendota Elementary Fundraiser
MN Limited Fall Golf Outing
Popsockets-Poptivism Design Commission
Terry MacVey Concerts
Waconia Lions Club

In-Kind Donors

American Diversity
Christy Arneson
Balance Yoga and Wellness in Buffalo, MN
Colby Red Wine
Gina Sekelsky Studio, LLC
Katie Gruba
Holiday Inn Madison at the American Center
Home Care Medical, Inc.
La Doña Cervecería
Pediatric Home Service
Terri Opp Memorial
University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

Have a Heart Benefit Sponsors

All The Feels Co. / The Moscoe Group
Armitage Family Foundation
Bituminous Roadways, Inc.
Boston Scientific
Children’s Country Day School
Daymakers Moving and Storage
EagleView Wealth Management
Jay Ettinger
Ron and Phyllis Ettinger
Grow Pediatrics
Kristen and Tim Harty
Lasting Imprint
Mayo Clinic Pediatric Cardiology
Medtronic Foundation
Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
Morrie’s Auto Group
New Horizons Academy
RE/MAX / David Meyer
St. Paul Auto Group

Whole Heart Golf Tournament Sponsors

Medtronic Foundation (Presenting Sponsor)
Tom and Eileen Armitage
Bell Bank Mortgage
Jim Boser Memorial Fund
Boston Scientific
Brave North Technology
Camar Aircraft Parts Co.
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
Children’s Minnesota
Constellation Brands – Corona
Disciplined Growth Investors
EagleView Wealth Management Group – RBC Wealth Management
First Light Asset Management
Lake Elmo Bank
Lallak’s Delivery Service
Lyle Signs
Medtronic Cardiac Surgery
Muske Community Support Foundation
Elizabeth “Betsy” Pate Foundation
Powerhouse Retail Services
Ryan Companies
Bill and Tina Sherman
Stillwater Investment Management LLC
Tradition Capital Bank

Happy Hearts Happy Hour Sponsors

Boston Scientific (Presenting Sponsor)
Children’s Minnesota
FANG Consulting
Kristen and Tim Harty
Parents for Heart of Minnesota
Signature Consultants
The Chase and Conor Piper Foundation
The Children’s Heart Clinic

Individual Donors

Kimberly Abild
Louis Abramowski
Debra Addante
Susie Adkins
Chris and Bill Aerts
Jessica Albertsen
Elizabeth Albrecht
Hector and Lorena Alfageme
Michelle Allen
Dr. Becky Ameduri
Kathleen and Gene Ameduri
Fayette Ames
Cela Amundson
Erin and Jeremy Anclam
Kathleen Anclam
Keith and Jackie Anclam
Ben Anderson
Casey and Sadie Anderson
Jodi and Rick Anderson
Lois Anderson
Steven Anderson
Jay Andler
Jim and Kathy Andrews
Matt Anglin
Anonymous (30 Total)
Jacinda and Matt Anthony
Jaimee Archibald
Tom and Eileen Armitage
Adam and Rebecca Askildson
Will Au-Yeung
Frank Babka
Joanne and Jim Bahr
Bonnie Bailey
Stephen and Emily Balsley
Grace Baltich
Kelly and Dan Banasik
Galen and Judy Bangsund
Sue Barbeau
Natalie Barker
Alison and Grant Barrick
Sandy and Pete Bartosh
Brent Bash
Jennifer and Nathan Battan
Margaret Bauman
David and Holly Baur
Chris Baxter
Shannon Beagan
Todd Beaudin
Dan and Kristi Beck
Tim and Sandy Belden
Tim Belden Jr.
Ginny Belden-Charles
Jim Belmonte
Judy and Bob Benke
Teri Bentson
Kris Bercher
Mara Berdahl
Jill and Richard Berends
Lori Berends
Tracy Bergacker
Dr. Rebecca Bertrandt
Doreen Best
David Bicking
Kristen and David Billingsley
Marcie Bing
Emily Bishop
Zane Bishop
Edie B-K
Raina and Nick Blake
Ivannia Blanco Montero
Jeffrey Bluhm
Janelle Blum
Tim Boberg
Gary Bock
Mitch and Alison Boerner
Erin Bogen
Jeanine Bombardier
Frank and Dinny Bomberg
Bryan and Kathie Bouchard
Melissa Bourgeois
Deborah and Charles Boyles
Jacqueline Brainard
Brian Brandvold
Janice Brazell
Laura Brickson
Eric Bridge
Falecia Bridge
Leah and Jeff Bridger
Michelle Brislin
Chanelle Brochu
Joe Brockman
Renee Brockman
Jim and Nancy Broge
Scott and Diane Bronson
Lisa Brooks
Oscar Brooks
Gloria Brown
Lynn Brown
Meredith Brown
Renee and Joe Brownlee
Patricia Bryan
Laura and Aaron Bublitz
Jennifer Bucek
Andrea Burklin
Nancy Burley
Carol and Eldon Buschbom
Jennifer and David Bussan
Jeanne and Jeff Butzer
Scott and Dr. Jenny Buysse
Susan Buzzitta
Brian Bye
Jeff Byron
Sara and Pat Cairns
Karen Cameron
Bev Campbell
Candace Campbell
Vicki Canterbury
Katie Capiz
Jen and Mike Caputo
Eva Carlson
Karol and Wally Carlson
Jen Carlson Maloney
Molly Carruthers
Dale Chasse Sr.
Dr. Nathan and Jenny Chomilo
Kate Christenson
Nestor Cisneros
Sylvia Clare
Kent Clark
Shea Cloutier
Shelly Clumpner
Erin Colianni
Jesse Collard
Judith Collins
Kristi Collins
Joel and Kallee Comstock
Linda Comstock
Bridget Connell
John Connelly
Mike and Rose Conway
Dominique Cook
Harold and Judy Cook
Kathleen Corbett
Brooke and Michael Cox
James and Victoria Cox
Debbie Cramer
Kristine Cronin
Deirdre Crouse
Fred Crouse
Betty Csenger
Martie Curl
Sarah Cusano
Phillip Cutchins
Kaitlin Daeges
Tami Dalen-van Hofwegen
Rachel and Scott Darling
Mary Darr
Jenny Davis
Bob and Shannon Day
Paul and Abby Dean
Jennifer and John DeBruin
Dave Deiss
Charlotte DeKerlegand
Holly Dellapenna
Chris and Lisa DeMaster
Amanda Dephillips
Dennis Derby
Alyssa and Andrew Dercks
Rebecca Dezek
Aidan Di Giacomo
JJ Dienno
Melissa and Grant Dietrich
Jessica DiGiovanni
Elizabeth Ditto
Sara and Ryan Doerflein
Pete and Becky Dolan
Audrey Donner
Chuck and Sylvia Dorsey
Chris Doyle
Steve Dreifuerst
Al Dubiak
Diane and Michael Dummer
Jim Dunlap
Christina and Jake Dunn
Daryl Durheim
Brandon Eagleson
Emily Earhart
Tracy Eberly
Todd Edstrom
Sarah and Kyle Ehrhardt
Gordon and Marilyn Eid
Delannie Ekhtiari
Michael and Sherri Elasky
Kelly Elenteny
Joe and Tammie Emery
Irving English
Sarah Entinger
Linda Epperson
Jackie Brown and Joe Erickson
Steven Erickson
Erica and Dan Erickson
Ryan Estey
Vicki and Raymond Fahey
Karen and Craig Falck
Ab Fallis
Saritha and Catherine Farrell
Steve and Stephanie Farsht
Eileen Federer Williams
Sean Fee
Lynn and Henry Feinberg
Nicole Feinberg
Kerry and Fred Feirn
Tiffany and Chris Ferguson
Laura and Keith Fetridge
Brad Fetterley
Don and Doni Fick
Rob Fields
Raia Finc
Judi and Roger Finnes
Korey Finnes
Kari and Troy Finnigan
Craig Finstad
Carrie Fischer
Lee Fischer
Mary Fitzpatrick
Kris and Brian Flanagan
Bill and Tessa Flanary
Jodi and Dan Flannery
Tricia Fletcher
Nick and Sarah Flier
Charlotte and Jason Flint
Maura Flynn-Galganski
Samuel Forbes
Jamie Forman
Brad and Arlene Forrest
Ari Forrester
Heather and Jim Forsberg
Brett and Nicole Forsman
Kyle John Rymiszewski Foundation
Larry and Patricia Frattallone
Morgan Freeburg
Michelle Friedrich
Jeff and Megan Fritz
Daryl and Teresa Frost
Alex Rotenberger and Sarah Frost Rotenberger
Kris Gabel
Shelley and Eric Gagne
Sheila Gale
Sandy Gamradt
Kevin Garhart
Nancy Garrett
Katherine Garvey
Allie Gasiorowski
Ellen and Eric Gasiorowski
Carrie and Scott Geldmeyer
Carol Gerbensky
Jane Gilles
Beth Gilmore
Cindy and Mike Giusto
Heather Glaze
Kris Godsey
Micaela Griffin and Micah Goebel
Helen and David Goldstein
Lee and Sara Goldstrand
Kitty Goodrich
Danielle and David Goossens
Maria and Chadd Gorden
Chris and Joe Gottlieb
Emily and Darin Graber
Matt and Kate Graham
Cindy and Shannon Granzow
Gary Gratson
Rachel Greeley
Kevin and Margaret Green
Lesley Greene
Mara Greensweig
Justy and Jim Griffin
Lorena Grimm
Christine Grobart
Daloris Grohman
Meg Grow
Dan Gruba
Ed and Mary Gruba
Tara O’Connell and Mike Gruba
Megan Guerin
Melanie Guerin
Debra Guerrera
Jordan Guffan
Laura Gullickson
Shellie Gust
John Gustafson
Liz and Tim Habermann
Don and Patti Hacker
Kara Hagen
Emily and Eric Haight
Barbara and Bill Halbrehder
Heidi Hammerback
Marguerite and Patrick Hammes
Phebe and Lyle Hammes
Roxanne Hammond
Jenny and Jason Hanna
Andrea Hanson
Brent Hanson
Carol and Rick Hanson
Kathleen Hanson
Jill and Jason Happel
Lane and Renae Harms
Ronald and Janet Harnack
Jacki and Jesse Harren
Kelly Harris
Sandy Hart
Stephanie and Cort Hartmann
Kristen and Tim Harty
Ron and Jane Haugen
Sara-Anne Hawkins
Karl and Jamie Hawkinson
Alex Healy
Steve Healy
Kathleen and John Heck
Ron and Denise Hedberg
Olaf Hedrich
Ross Hefferan
Jeff Theismann and Alex Hein
Ava Heinrich
Barbara Helmecki
Scott and Jennifer Helstrom
Stephanie Hemmesch
Susan Hennin
Kierstin Henricks
Dave Hensel
Georgia and Dick Herberg
Ryan Heroff
Lila and Jeff Herschbach
Sarah and Nate Herschbach
Kim and Tony Herzog
Brenda Hess
Douglas Hettrick
Jess Hey
Nathan Kuncel and Sarah Hezlett
Kevin and Kaia Hillegass
Christine and Randy Hills
Rebecca Himmelspach
Gwen Hlavinka
Laura Hoagland
Laura and Nick Hochban
Casandra and Michael Hoelzl
Ann and Chad Hoesly
Julie Hoffmann
Cynthia and Jonathan Hoffmann
Daniel Hogan
Renee Hogoboom
Shoma Hokanson
Nancy Holdsworth
Lisa Holewa
David Holt
Katie Holt
Dori and Peter Holte
Brad Horst
Kent Howe
Craig and Jen Huegel
Kristi Hughes
Karina Hunt
Madison Hystad
Amy and Kevin Iverson
Renata and Mark Iverson
Sherrie Jablinske
Kristi Jacobsen
Susan and Karl Jagger
Amanda and Brad Jamison
Briana Janssen
Kari Janz
Margie Jenkins
Steve Jenkins
Anders Jenson
Mark and Jodi Jenson
Susan Johannsen
Adrian Johnson
Alissa Naymark and Dr. Jon Johnson
Amy Johnson
Andrea Johnson
Craig and Heidi Johnson
Dave and Pat Johnson
Doug and Adrienne Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Julie and Erik Johnson
Kari and Adam Johnson
Kris and Rob Johnson
Kristen Johnson
Randy Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Julie Johnson Lee
Wade Jones
Rick and Terry Jopke
Andrew and Kiara Jorgenson
Scott Jorgenson
Brian and Annika Joy
Kathleen Cimburek and Dean Kalas
Rebecca and Chris Kalogeris
Russ and Tracy Karasch
Randy Keillor
Lauren Kelbel
Tracy Keller
Mary Kellett
Thomas Kemp Foundation
Brian and Jeanne Kenady
Bubs and Michael Kennedy
Kim and Tom Kenning
Mackenzie and Austen Kent
Traci Kerlin
Melissa Kern
Tammy Kielty
John and April Kilbourn
Dayton Kinas
Fred King
Scott and Carrie Kingston
Lily Kirchoff
Philip and Jenny Kirchoff
Sally Kirkby
Kari and Guy Kiser
Michelle Klabo
David Knapp
Janie Koehler
Erik and Angela Koenig
Krysta Koepke
Mark and Kristan Kohls
Bob Kohns
David Kohns
Jeanette Kohns
Jerry Kohns
Kaly Kohns
Therese Konkel
Jill Koster
Gabriella and Jacek Kozdroj
Dawn and Karl Krebsbach
Cathy and Kevin Kruse
Donna and Mark Kuller
Christina Kunze
Regan Kunzman
Suzanne Kusch
Ro Kwagg
Juhyun Kwon
Melody LaBeau
Sheryl Lager
Joanne Laird
Dan Lallak
Jenni Lam
Mackenzie Lampe
Gary and Carol Langness
Lisa Langolf
Christopher Larson
Elaine Larson
Kari Larson
Kathy Larson
Kirby and Sally Larson
Steve Schaeppi and Angie Lauer-Schaeppi
Paul and Krista Laumer
Matt and Amy Law
Kevin and Jo Lawler
Charles Lederer
Heidi Leedle
Jim and Jan Leffler
Michael Lehne
Lauren Lengel
Dan and Sheryl Lilya
Tabitha Lindberg
Kimberly Lloyd
Warren Lochner
Jane and John Lonnquist
Steven and Pamela Look
Ashley Loomis
Linda and Dave Looney
Laura Kelly Lovdahl
Dawn Luehrs
Chad and Kris Lukkarila
Roger and Jeanne Lukkarila
Andrew and Stacy Lund
Kathy Luoma
Manda Lynne
Joanne and Steven MacFie
John Mack
Joanne Macvey
Brian Madison
Stacee Madsen
Grace Magill-Cuerden
Tracy Magner
Anne Maher
Jamie and Joe Mailer
Linda Makuch
Edison Maldonado
Ross and Deb Manni
Kevin and Shannon Mantsch
Colleen Mar
Kelly Marentette
Glenda Marlar

Individual Donors (Continued)

Brooke Marley
Jennifer and Lonnie Marquardt
Michelle and Steve Marsh
Barbara Marshall
Bill and Dr. Chip Martin-Chaffee
Lucas Panfil and Angela Massen
Kristina and Bill Matsch
Tony Mauriello
Michelle and John McCardle
Chris McCarthy
Nancy and John McCarty
Valerie McCarty
Noel Mcclain
Pam Mcconkey
Katherine McDonnell
Jaimie and Greg McElrone
Darryn McGarvey
Patrick Mcgovern
Jeffrey and Abby McGuire
Shelly Mcguire
Kim Mckelvey Munro
Betsy and Jeff McLaughlin
Cassie and Clay McLemore
Mike and Kellie McNichols
Christina Medina
Allen and Liz Meeks
Doug Melena
Bill and Michaela Menigo
Carol Menkin
John and Karen Meslow
Paul Vahle and Sara Meslow
David Meyer
Eric Meyer
Wendy Meyer
Julie and Jeff Michael
Sally Miesen
Terri Mikolich
Laura and Tom Miller
Mike and Tracy Miller
Rose Miller
Terri Miller-Rotenberger
Jane Milliken
Jaye and Tony Mindiola
Freddy Mistry
Matthew and Lisa Moenning
Abby Moffitt
Erin Moffitt
Bruce Mogren
Stacy and Matt Moldovan
Kevin Moller
Lindsey Monroe
Dave and Bev Mooney
Jeremy Moore
Tim and Jennie Moran
Linda Morantez
Beth Moretzsky
Sue Moss
Jim and Meg Mott
Peg Mullen
Jen Muller
Millie Muller
Sarah Munson
Tim and Andi Murphy
Molly Murphy O’keefe
Tracy and Brad Murray
Bob and Kelly Muske
Douglas Mutcher
Duane and Bonnie Mutschler
Bryanna Nagan
Peter and Michelle Nagel
John and Sharon Nash
Ali Naughton
Brent and Chris Nehring
Beth and Adam Nelson
Linda Nelson
Elin and Collin Neugebauer
Jordy Nicholas
Charlene Nickerson
Amy and Joel Niemeyer
Daryl Niemeyer
Cathy and Randy Niewind
Nick Niewinski
Kim and Marty Noble
Tamara Nold
Geoffrey North
Patrick Nyman
Anne Obrien
Gina and Matt Oelschlager
Richie Rosenberg and Mickey O’Kane
Teresa Okeson-Prater
Jennifer and Timothy Oko
Vincent Olayiwola
Justin Olsen
Marge Olsen
David Olson
Julie and Kevin Olson
Karl Olson
Kevin and Janel Olson
Lori Olson
Scott Olson
Vanessa Kirkeby and Matt Olson
Bridget and Brian O’Meara
Pam and Paul Opichka
Peter and Susan Opichka
Gayle and Curtis Opp
Marilyn and James Opp
Joanne and Brian O’Reilly
Karl Ornberg
Emily and Carey Otto
Heather Hudnut Page and Jeff Page
Heidi Papineau
Andrea Pasutti
Twinkle Patel
Christine Patzner
Natalie and Armand Paulbeck
Tom Pavlik
Lori Payne
Jenny Pederson
Shawn Pederson
Clare Peine
Brian and Breanna Peloquin
Mark Perrier
Cara and Jayden Peterman
Christina and Andrew Petersen
Dave Peterson
Heidi and Jeff Peterson
Jared Peterson
Colin Petit
Kathy Petron
Amy and Mark Phelan
Bobbi Piasecki
Keith Pichelman
Buzz and Carolyn Pierce
Jeff and Megan Pierquet
Karolina Pietrzak
Chris and Kevin Pietsch
Morgan and Brandan Pink
Patricia Pitcher
Sheila and Gavin Pittman
Kaiti Pockette
Alison and Cappy Popp
Jenna and Mike Potter
Steve and Jolene Poucher
Victoria Pream
Eric Snyder and Kelly Preimesberger
Ryan and Diane Prince
Angela and Ryan Pruess
Jim Putzke
Tony “Ninja” Quach
Jess Quam
Dagfinn Moe and Lydia Quanbeck
Nathan Quanbeck
Ron Anderson and Andrea Quanbeck
Tiffany Radke
Poorva Rajguru
Archana Ramaswamy
Brenda and Eric Raney
Megan Rasmussen
Mario Camara Rebolledo
Carrie and Brian Rehnke
James and Jean Reissner
Kate Remus
Cindy Resman
Stacey Rewitzer
Mike Reynolds
Heather and Jake Rhoades
Jennifer Rhode
Sara and Peter Ribbens
Judith Rimkus
Julie Rimkus
Linsey Rippy
Sara and Steve Robichaud
Kelly and CJ Robinson
Dr. Bryan Cannon and Carrie Robinson-Cannon
Kirkland Marine and Monique Rochard-Marine
Cathie Rockett
Maria and Jake Roeller
Amy Roettger
Jessica Rogers
Vicki and John Rohlwing
Scott and Mary Rollins
Derek Romano
Alyssa Rose
Bill Rose
Ann Rosenwasser
Lanny Rosenwasser
Mark, Katie and Charlie Rosenwasser
Nancy Rudd
McKenzie Rude
Mary and Brian Ruhland
Doug Runia
Jessie and Dave Rupert
Julie Rupert
Mike Russell
Sara Ryan
Tracy Ryan
Tiffany Rymal
Leah and Karl Saarela
Laura Saetre
Allyson and Roger Sager
Becca Sai
Aaron and Kristina Sakaria
Alyssa Sakhitab-Kerestes
Brenda and Jason Sammon
Jennifer and Hipolito Sanchez
Mary Lou Sandager
Jeff Sandefur
Bobbie Sanders
Phil and Mary Lou Sanders
Robert Sanders
Mary Sandsmark
Brad and Nicole Sankey
Adam Saylor
Braeden Sayovitz
Kelly and Tami Schauer
Chris Scherman
Susan Schlagel
Tricia and Matthew Schleehauf
Megan Schlesky
Amy and Brent Schmidtbauer
Becca Schmitz
Dr. Andy and Andrea Schneider
Byron Schneider
Kayla and Shawn Schoenberg
Jim and Tracey Scholz
Veronica and Adam Schroeder
Erik and Becky Schuck
Jack and Patricia Schuck
Nathan Schuck
Laura Schug
Robin Schug
Melissa Schultz
Julie Schultz Yeager
Stacey Schumann
Roxanne Schutzen
Creme Schwieder
John and Karen Schwingler
Sean Sciara
Leslie Scream
Amy and Kevin Seay
Heidi and Jake Sedlacek
Rebecca Seidel
Rhonda Semke
Veronica Sevilla Rubi
Jerry and Mary Shaughnessy
Mike Shavlik
Patricia Sheerin
Melissa Shera
Bill and Jodie Shields
Jennifer Shunn
Kelly and Stan Sias
Debbie Simmons
Kathleen Sims-Partacz
Jen Sipe
Christie and Brett Skilbred
Troy Slag
Erika and Kevin Slager
Sara Slager
Sherri Slager
Allie Smeeth
Amy and Clint Smith
Melissa and Chad Smith
Linda Smith Hansen
Chrissy and Jon Smithberg
Eric Smyth
Jeremy Snyder
Christine and Kenneth Sobczak
Kelsey Sohrweide
Sue and Tom Sohrweide
Brianna Solko
Rob Somers
Dan and Julie Sommer
Peg Sorensen
Holly Spanier
Gary Speier
Jon and Deb Spence
Jim and Gina Spicka
Margo Sprengeler
Stephanie Sproule
Dity and Jeremy Squires
Eric St. Martin
Debbie and Brian Staedt
Jason and Susan Stancliff
Jake and Sherill Stanton
Susan Stascavage
Rick Steele
Teresa Steensgard
John Steffens
Eric Stemen
Bruce and Kaye Stender
Tom and Mimi Stender
Jeff and Patty Stewart
Sheri and John Stewart
Karen Stiles
Erin Stillman
Larry Stiras
Kate Stirrat Carleton
Robert and Michele Stoker
Jake Stone
Gary and Rosemary Storm
Jen Stratton
Gina Styles
Amanda Suciu
Sharron Sullivan
Colleen Sullivan Schaefers
Tracy Surdez Vik
Diane Swanson
Donna and Bob Swanson
Bridget and Charlotte Sweetin-Lilla
Gary Swenson
Kiley Swenson
Jason Swetland
Kathie Swetland
Mary Swetland
Alisa Swietlik
Karen and Mark Swietlik
Sean Swirtz
Jane Taffe
Patrick and Elaine Tanabe
Stacey Taylor
Sydney Taylor
Brianne Theisen
Michael Theisen
Sharon Thelen
Jon Theobald
Nate Sand and Amy Theuninck
Siehera Thibodeau
Alyssa and Kevin Thomas
Julie Thompson
Charles Thorne
Diane Tidwell
Patrick Tinucci
Ken and Mary Tomes
Jill Topf
Nichel and Doug Townley
Jennifer Tracey
Jilanne Traynor
Lauretta Tremblay
Jon and Donna Tremmel
Matthew Trigg
Todd Trigg
Tonja Trump
Chet Tschetter
Laurel Turansky
Janell and Ryan Twardowski
Katie Twinam
Tom and Juanita Vaaler
Louise Marie Vahle
Carrie and Chris Valois
Jennifer and Chris Van Asten
Julie and Jeromy Vance
Kary Vannice
Dean and Barb Verdoes
Heidi Vlasak
Lori Voeltz
Sonja and Aaron Voice
Renae and Robert Von Kaenel
Scott Vosburg
Kagen Waage
Nicole Wahl
April Walker
Lucas and Sarah Walker
Nancy and Kyle Walker
Lauren Wallerius
Holly and Chad Walton
Scott and Kathy Ward
Tim Ward
Cindy Ward-Thompson
Sam and Jody Warren
Jean Wayne
Melanie and Clint Wayne
Charisse and Brian Webber
Allison Weber
Stephanie Weber
Alisha Webster
Amy and Shawn Weiler
Nancy Weinand
Clare Weir
Jeff and Maria Weness
Gardiner Comfort and Colleen Werthmann
Amanda Wessels
Sally West
Viktoriia West
Ralph Western
Jeffrey Westom
Christopher Westphal
Ronnie and Chad Whiting
Carmen Wiebold
Claudia Wiebold
Alicia Wilkins
Amanda and Bobby Wilkins
Mitchell William
Maggie Williams
Tom and Amy Williams
Todd Williamschen
Greg Windsperger
Dale and Nicol Winkelman
Kjersten Winkelman
Becky and Mike Winkels
Tracy Winn
Ken and Karen Wojcik
Deke and Stacy Wolden
Chris and Stephanie Wolfe
Meghan Wolfe
Tim Wong
Ken Woodhouse
Abbie Yoder
Lindy and Paul Yokanovich
Julie Lynn York
Ann Youngdahl
Linda Zahn
Shawn Zani
Bea and Myron Zaruba
Bill and Mary Zimmer
Autumn Zimmerman


Marylin Basarich
Karol and Wally Carlson

Rick Berc
Frank and Dinny Bomberg

Denny Bloom
Frank and Dinny Bomberg

Brigitte Charnesky
Rebecca Lewis
Robert and Michelle Martin

Colton Darr
Mary Arsenault
Pamela Coonce
Cristina Darr and Family
Priscilla and Lou Donkle
Anne Foster
George and Linda Grimberg
Lisa Murdock
Amber Schulz and Family
Donna Truex
Frank Zimmerman

Jerry Flanagan
Kris and Brian Flanagan

Amy and Abbey Grabow
Paul Vahle and Sara Meslow
Arthur Lucast

Donna Jean Guggemos
Kris and Brian Flanagan

Brad Haugum
Leah and Jeff Bridger

Wee Ho Moy
Karol and Wally Carlson

Olivia Horn
Ian and Sophie Horn

Eldrid Karnitz
Kris and Brian Flanagan

Marlene Kelly
Kris and Brian Flanagan

Mark Mahowald
Dinny and Frank Bomberg

Jonah Martin
Brad Martin
Robert and Michelle Martin

Donald E. Munson
Charles Thorne

LeAnn Noeker
Karol and Wally Carlson

Glenn Peterson
Karol and Wally Carlson

Robert Peterson
Mark Schrantz

Donna Salo
Rod Salo

Angela Servies’ mother, Tina
Frank and Dinny Bomberg

Sally Sorenson’s mother
Frank and Dinny Bomberg

Kathy Stender Thompson
A&L Property Management, LLC
Abbot Downing
Johan and Jean Akesson
Mark Pocernich and Tia Anderson
Charles and Karen Andresen
Doug and Kathy Andrus
Joseph Annis
Dennis and Kay Arras
John and Patricia Bailey
Jim and Peggy Bangert
David and P Baumgarten
Mary and Jay Becker
Mary Belanger
Thomas Graham Bell
Debra Beltrand
David Bergh
Scott and Lindsay Beuning
John and Susan Bleecker
Debbie and Michael Bolen
Amy and Steven Boley
Catherine Brandes
Richard Burns
Sally Burns
William and Patricia Burns
Mark and Mary Dell Carlson
Jay and Elizabeth Cavanagh
Ross and Blanche Cushman
Richard and Judith Davern
Janet and Steven Dietrich
Stephen and Nichole Dobbs
Gary and Marcia Doty
Gregg and Velda Dougherty
Diane Dovenberg Lewis
Duluth East Hockey Alumni Association
Ann Dunnigan
Phil and Vera Eckman
Robert and Nancy Edwards
Mark and Heather Emmel
Liz and Rick Erickson
Jay Ettinger
Timothy Fischer
Janice Fisher
Five Lions, Inc.
Mike and Kathy Fleming
Sharon and John Fortin
Marija Fox
Marilyn Froelich
John and Carolyn Gabrielson
Andrew and Anne Garner
David and Louise Gartzke
James Gels
Sam and Linda Gibbons
George and Elizabeth Goldfarb
Ellen (Kay) and Walter Gower
Katie Gram
Bridget Grosser Edmonds
Sharon Haddad
Jon and Alyssa Hammar
William and Kay Hausch
Matthew and Lynn Hayek
Patrick and Judith Henry
Jennifer Hladik
Kevin and Natalie Hood
Rod and Angela Hood
Roderick and Kathleen Hood
Sylvia Jamar
Ronald and Carol Kaliebe
Bernard and Mary Lou Kalkbrenner
Susan and Thomas Knight
Wade and Gretchen Kram
Jayne Kriofske
Alison and Joe Kronzer
Richard and Anne Krueger
Christian Kubista
Sharon Labovitz
Stephanie and JJ Ladue
Anne and Paul LaLonde Laux
Rose Lambros
Amy Larkin
David and Christy Lawrence
Janice Ledman
Michelle Lindenfelser
Kimberly Lloyd
Forrest and Peggy Ludsen
Rita and Robert Lundberg
Judith and Ross MacKenzie
Peter and Linda Maguire
Mairs & Power, Inc.
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Annette and Wayne Masterson
James and Sarah McAnly
J and T McChesney
David and Barbara McDonald
Terese McEwen
Mary McGovern
Colleen McGuire
M A Meierhoff
Paul Vahle and Sara Meslow
Michael Mikkelson
Kimberly and David Miles
Robert M. Mirau
Jim and Mary Ann Monge
Elizabeth Mulcahy
Julie and Brian Munderloh
Daniel and Jodee Muus
Jane Nemitz
Nancy Norr
Bradley and Lezlie Oachs
John Sommerville and Joann O’Leary
Paul Olson
Soctt and Jodi Omlid
Robert Owens
William and Saundra Palmer
Walter and Kathleen Parker
Bill and Dawn Paul
Barbara and Samuel Perrella
Ann Peterson
Sheila Pittman
Susan and Robert Plahuta
David and Elizabeth Poliseno
Anne Powell
James and Mary Rectenwald
Tom and Wendy Rectenwald
Rita Reif
Deborah Resch
Cheri and Bruce Rhodes
Andrew Slothower and Molly Rice
Janet and Stephen Rosen
W.C. and J.M. (Jane) Rossini
Robert and Maureen Ryan
Michael and Stephanie Sailstad
James and Judy Salo
SFM Mutual Insurance
Michael and Megan Smith
Rod and JoJo Smoak
Jeff Pester and Christine Sorensen
Elaine and Bob Spurr
David and Brenda Staveteig
Bruce and Kaye Stender
Kathleen and Thomas Stender
Tom and Mimi Stender
Jeanine and John Sundt
Daniel and Kelli Tannahill
Mary and D.A. Tannahill
The Monchamp Family
Jon Theobald
Michael and Rhonda Thibault
Barbara and Bill Thompson
Bob Thompson
Tradition Wealth Management
Tim and Debbie Van Solkema
Andrew Walser
Therese and Robert Webb
Carie Weston
Megan Wirth

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