COVID-19 Protocols

2022 Summer Camp COVID-19 Protocols

6/28/22 updated

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made program and event changes in accordance with best practices and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Camp Association (ACA), local health authorities, medical professionals, and the Camp Odayin Board of Directors.  We formed a COVID Contingency Committee in 2020 that meets frequently to review all programs and events to build in and ensure measures of safety. This committee is made up of doctors, nurses and camper parents from MN, WI and IL.

Camp Odayin has always held extremely high standards to ensure the wellbeing of our campers and minimize risk.  Requiring the COVID-19 vaccination this year is in alignment with this high standard and what is being recommended by the CDC and the American Camp Association:



Our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy: Full vaccination (per CDC guidelines) is required for all campers and staff to attend our Residential Camps.  Campers and staff need to have received two doses (for Pfizer or Moderna or one dose of J&J) of the vaccine by May 1 when the application closes.  Campers who have not received their vaccines by this date will not have their application considered.   Booster shots can take place after May 1 but need to be administered before June 15.  Campers and staff will upload a picture of their vaccination card within the application. There is no vaccination requirement to attend Hearts@Home Virtual Camp.

Our current COVID-19 testing plan requires that Residential Camp campers and staff provide negative result from a PCR/NAAT test taken within 72 hours before the first day of camp. In addition, all staff and campers will take an on-site, rapid antigen test on the first day of camp.

Masking at Camp:

  • Staff and campers should bring at least 2 well fitted masks to use at camp.  Disposable masks will be provided as needed.
  • We will be wearing masks on the bus to and from camp.  We will also be wearing masks in the van to and from horseback riding.
  • Camp activities and meals are planned to happen outdoors.  If an individual wants to mask, they are welcome to, but not required for these outdoor activities.
  • At any time, our medical leadership might decide to implement required masking.
  • All staff, campers, and guardians must be masked during the camper check-in process.

There are many additional measures which will help provide safe spaces, and allow for fun and relationship building to take place at camp this summer.

  • Arrive healthy! Please limit large group gatherings two weeks prior to camp and take good care of yourself!
  • To allow for better distancing, our schedule and housing might be modified.
  • We will eat and play outdoors as much as possible!
  • Increased handwashing and daily health screenings for campers and staff.
  • Our partner camps will use enhanced cleaning procedures and common equipment and surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

Even with protocols in place, contracting COVID-19 and other communicable disease is still a real risk in a camp setting. We will continually monitor updates and recommendations by the Minnesota Department of Health, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the American Camp Association.

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