COVID-19 Protocols

Our highest priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our campers and staff. In accordance with best practices and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, American Camp Association, local health authorities, and medical professionals, we have created these COVID-19 protocols. We will remain in step with best practices and adjust our protocols as necessary. Our protocols contain many layers, which we feel will help provide spaces that are as safe as possible, and still allow for fun and connection to take place at our camps this summer.

Participation in camp is not free of risk.  We encourage and support consultation with your child’s cardiologist to assess their situation and determine if participation is advised.  We trust families to make participation decisions based on their comfort with these risks.

Before Camp

  • Plan to arrive healthy! Campers and staff are asked to please consider limiting their exposure with unvaccinated people or crowds for two weeks prior to your arrival at camp.
  • Regardless of vaccination status, all campers and staff must provide a negative COVID test prior to attending all in-person camp sessions.  This test may be taken no earlier that the Monday prior to each Day Camp session and no earlier than Tuesday for Graduate Retreat.  Test results must be shared with the Camp Odayin office by noon the day before the camp session starts.

COVID Protocols At Camp

  • All campers and staff must complete a COVID health screening each morning. 
  • All campers and staff will have their temperatures taken upon check-in.  Temperatures must be below 100.4 degrees in order to participate in camp.
  • Masks will be required at all times including outdoors, with the exception of while eating, drinking, or swimming.
  • Masks must not have exhalation valves or vents.  Campers will also be asked to bring a second mask each day of camp. Camp Odayin will provide masks as needed.
  • To allow for better distancing, we have reduced camper capacity during all of our camp sessions.
  • Campers and staff will be organized into small cabin groups during their time at camp.  Interaction between groups will be limited to time when outdoors and wearing masks, with the exception of swimming and sleeping.
  • Cabin groups will be led by Camp Counselors and Cabin Nurses, who receive training for illness reduction techniques and how to promote and enforce a culture of safety.
  • Camp Odayin strongly encourages all eligible staff and campers to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.  Camp staff are not required to have received the COVID-19 vaccination prior to camp.
  • Camp Odayin has exclusive use of all our partner camp locations.  There will be no interaction with any outside groups.
  • Activities will be planned to accommodate physical distancing.
  • All activities and meals during our Day Camps will occur outdoors. At Graduate Camp we will be outdoors for as many activities as possible.
  • At Day Camp, campers will be provided with individual boxed or bagged lunches.  Meals will not be served buffet-style.
  • Cabin Nurses will carry backpacks equipped with hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and masks and cabin groups will engage in increased handwashing.
  • All our partner camp locations are using enhanced cleaning procedures and common equipment and surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

Medical Support & Response

  • A Cardiologist will be onsite during all Day Camps and Graduate Camp.
  • A Cabin Nurse will be assigned to each small cabin group to administer medications and monitor the health of campers during camp.
  • A Health Center at each camp will be staffed by a Lead Nurse and will be equipped with supplies including, but not limited to, emergency cardiac medications, first aid supplies, AEDs, oxygen, and pulse oximeters.
  • Prompt consultation with the onsite cardiologist will occur for any symptoms of illness or suspected cases of COVID-19.
  • In the event of any symptoms of illness, campers and/or staff will be isolated and guardian will be contacted immediately to pick up the camper.  Due to the short nature of our camps, the person will not be permitted to return to the camp session.

After Camp

  • Following camp, if a camper or staff has a positive COVID-19 test within 10 days of returning home, they are required to report it to Camp Odayin.  Camp Odayin will then report it to families and staff from that session, without identifying the individual who tested positive.

Camper Check In and Pick Up

  • Camp drop off and pick up times will be staggered.
  • Cabin Nurses will greet families at their vehicle and complete the camper check-in, health screening, and temperature check.
  • Only the participating camper is permitted to get out of their vehicle.
  • The adult checking in the camper must be wearing a mask during all interactions with staff.
  • At pick up time, campers will be escorted to their vehicle in the parking lot.  Families must remain in their vehicle.

Additional Graduate Camp COVID Protocols

*All of the protocols listed above also apply to Graduate Overnight Camp

  • We are adding one more layer of precaution by conducting rapid testing at staff training and camper check-in on Sunday morning.  All campers and staff must take the test and receive a negative result prior to getting on the bus or joining us at Camp K.
  • Camp Knutson staff are following the same COVID testing guidelines as Camp Odayin campers and staff.
  • Transportation between the Twin Cities and Camp Knutson will be offered to campers and staff.  Check-in and pick up will also be available at Camp Knutson for campers whose families choose to provide their own transportation.
  • Following camper check-in in the parking lot of the hotel, campers will be transported in separate 29-passenger buses exclusively with campers and staff in their small cabin group (10 campers or less).
  • Masks will be required while riding in the buses.
  • Cabin groups will consist of no more than 10 campers, plus staff.
  • Campers and staff will sleep a minimum of six feet apart from each other.  Masks will not be worn while sleeping. Camp Knutson’s air conditioning filtration system in sleeping spaces exceeds the recommended standard.
  • All meals will be eaten outdoors in cabin groups, with tables spaced far apart from each other.
  • In the event of inclement weather or air quality warnings, cabin groups will have designated, separate buildings to engage in activities and/or eat inside. Food and dishes will be delivered to cabin groups.

Partner Camp COVID Protocols

All of our partner camps are accredited by the American Camp Association and have their own COVID protocols.  In addition, employees at our partner camps will complete daily health screenings and will be masked during all interactions with Camp Odayin campers and staff.

Camper Waiver

Participation in camp is not free of risk.  Camper parents are required to complete the following waiver during camp registration.

2021 Day Camp & Graduate Camp Waiver 

References for Decision Making

American Camp Association – Coronavirus Field Guide for Camps

CDC – Guidance for Operating Youth and Summer Camps During COVID-19

Please contact or 651.351.9185 with any questions.

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