Virtual Camp

Hearts@Home Virtual Camp

Tuesday, July 27th – Thursday, July 29th

9:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 6:30 pm daily

Access for Registered Campers

Guardians of registered campers received the password for the protected webpage containing Zoom links and additional information via email. Please contact if you are in need of assistance.


Camp Odayin’s Hearts@Home virtual camp is for children with heart disease in grades 1-11, who would benefit from connecting with other young people who may share similar health, emotional, and social concerns.  Campers have an opportunity to meet new heart friends, learn camp songs, participate in a (optional) talent show, and more.  Virtual camp is hosted using the Zoom platform with trained, camp counselors, nurses, and Odayin leadership staff.  All campers will receive a mailed “camp in a box” which includes a camp t-shirt, themed costume accessories, activity supplies, and more!


There is a $25 registration fee per camp session. Therefore, if you sign up for in-person and virtual camp, there is a $50 registration fee per camper. A $0-$700 sliding payment scale is available to ensure that cost is not a barrier to joining us and also allows us an opportunity for families to pay more to help cover costs. Any remaining funds will be raised by Camp Odayin on your behalf.

Camp Odayin will provide free loaned iPads to families who have unreliable or no internet connection or do not have a computer or tablet the camper could use for camp.

Daily Activities

Each Hearts@Home session includes 3-4 hours daily of online time in big and small groups.  Self-guided and family-friendly activities occur between sessions, and an evening program is hosted nightly.  Campers are expected to join each online meet-up for all three days and stay for the entire segment with their video on.  Our goal is to build connections and develop friendships.

Technology Support

Camp Odayin will provide free loaned iPads to families who have unreliable or no internet connection or do not have a computer or tablet the camper could use for virtual camp.  iPads will be mailed directly to campers’ homes for use during the three days of virtual camp.  The day after the camper’s virtual camp session ends, families must use the pre-paid shipping label to return the loaned iPad.  Parents can indicate within the registration form if a loaned iPad is needed.  There is no charge to camper families. 

Registration Process

There are three steps to the registration process.  Step one is completed by you, the final two steps are completed by your child’s cardiology office.

  1. Go to for online registration.  You will fill out the online registration form and will need:
    • Your child’s cardiac diagnosis, current medication and allergy information
    • Information about special education services or accommodations at school.
    • Immunization dates
    • Insurance information (if you have insurance)
    • Payment made via credit card
  1. Medical form is filled out by a nurse at your child’s cardiology clinic. Once you complete the online registration, our system will automatically request the forms required by your child’s cardiology office.  We work with your child’s cardiology clinic to complete the form and obtain recent clinic notes and test results.
  2. Cardiologist approval – Once the medical form is complete, the cardiologist is notified to provide approval. 

Registration Timeline

  • All registration materials are due May 16th
  • The Camp Odayin staff will work with your child’s cardiologist clinic to get medical files and approval.
  • Our medical directors will review camper files mid-May.  Families will be contacted if we have questions or if application items are missing.  You will be notified by June that your child has been accepted to attend.

Download Zoom

If your camper will be using a desktop or laptop:

Download Zoom Client for Meetings:

View this tutorial on how to use Zoom on a desktop computer or laptop: 


If your camper is using an iPad:

Download Zoom Cloud Meetings (free) from the application store

View this tutorial for how to use the Zoom app on an iPad:

If you are borrowing an iPad from Camp Odayin, it will already have Zoom downloaded.

Note that using a phone for a camper session is discouraged because your camper will be unable to view everyone and draw on the screen.

About Zoom

Virtual Camp will be hosted using the online video communication platform, Zoom.  Click to learn more about Zoom.

To ensure Camp Odayin’s Zoom sessions are secure, the following settings will be in place:  (The Host is a camp director. Participants are campers and/or staff. Zoom meeting is the virtual camp session.)

  • Lock the meeting: No new participants can join the meeting, even if they have the password and meeting ID, once it is locked by the host.  
  • Two factor authentications:  A password will be required to view the meeting ID within our private webpage and to join the Zoom meeting.
  • Remove disruptive participants:  The hosts can remove a participant.  Only the hosts can allow removed participants to rejoin. (see Camper Code of Conduct for more details).
  • Put ‘em on Hold:  The hosts can put everyone else on hold by disabling the participants’ video and audio connections….so we can surprise you with a celebrity guest, of course!!
  • Disable video/Mute participants: The hosts can turn off someone’s video or mute/unmute participants to block unwanted, distracting, or inappropriate gestures.
  • Disable private chat:  All in-meeting chats will be for everyone’s participation and viewing.  Only the hosts can send a message privately to a participant. 
  • Waiting Room: The virtual doors will open when the host authenticates each participant and starts the meeting. In the meantime, you will register and wait in the virtual “waiting room” until the Zoom meeting begins. 
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