MN Summer Camper Information

July 15-19 (Flambeau: grades 6-8)
July 22-26 (Chippewa: grades 1-6)
July 29-August 2 (Namekagon: grades 9-11)

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Camper Check-in on the First Day

On the first day of camp, camper check-in can happen either at Camp Odayin HQ (3503 High Point Drive N, Oakdale MN 55128)  or at Camp Knutson (11148 Manhattan Pt. Blvd., Crosslake, MN 56442).  Regardless of age, a parent or guardian MUST check-in each camper – campers are not allowed to check themselves in.

Camp Odayin offers free bus transportation to and from Camp Odayin HQ / Camp Knutson. The buses are chartered, air conditioned, handicap accessible, and offer a bathroom.  

Riding the bus from Odayin HQ in Oakdale?

Camper check-in will take place prior to boarding the bus inside BUILDING #4 at Camp Odayin HQ.  (Building #4 has 4 stories, building #3 has 3 stories, etc.) Arrive at HQ at 7:45 am-8:15 am  for camper check-in.  Take your luggage directly to the bus before coming inside for registration. Bring your carry-ons and medications with you to camper check in. Water bottles (and water) and a snack on the bus will be provided; we will eat lunch at camp. The bus will be departing from HQ  PROMPTLY at 8:45 a.m. 

Getting dropped off at Camp Knutson in Crosslake?

Campers may be dropped off at camp between noon and 12:15 p.m. (please no earlier).  Check-in will take place on-site during that time and we request that you please stay with your camper until the bus arrives. You will meet with the child’s nurse assigned to check in your child’s medication and complete the health screening.

Camper Pick Up on the Last Day

Please let us know if someone other than the child’s parent or guardian is picking up your child after the week of camp.  Only individuals who are indicated as an alternative person will be allowed to pick up your child. 

Pick up at Camp Knutson in Crosslake, MN

If you are picking up your camper at camp, please arrive at Camp Knutson in Crosslake, MN between 2:30-3:00pm.  Your child needs to check out with their counselor and nurse before leaving.

Pick up at the bus drop off in Oakdale, MN

If your child is riding the bus on the last day of camp, we will arrive back at Camp Odayin HQ between 5:30-6:00 pm.  If for any reason the bus will be late, you will receive a text.  

Drop off and pick up safety procedures – Bus loading/unloading procedures

  • Campers put their luggage directly on the bus upon arrival
  • Campers go through the check-in process and remain with fellow campers until busses are boarded
  • Medical and Leadership staff will ride each bus and monitor the safe loading and unloading of campers
  • Bus driver reviews safety rules once everyone has boarded the bus

Angel Flight Central

Angel Flight Central is a wonderful service that can provide flight transportation for our campers that otherwise would not be able to attend camp. This free service is only available to campers departing from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, or Wisconsin. Campers flying with Angel Flight Central will not ride the bus to camp.  Rather, they fly directly into the Brainerd, MN airport.  We provide transportation from the Brainerd airport to/from camp.

To get the necessary forms, email Fax or mail your completed forms to Camp Odayin by June 1st.  All completed paperwork will be collected by Camp Odayin and sent to Angel Flight Central. Incomplete paperwork will not be submitted. We are sticking firmly to this deadline to give Angel Flight Central plenty of time to secure your flight(s).  Obtaining an Angel Flight is not guaranteed and determining your backup plan is encouraged.

Travel Cost Reimbursement

COVID-19 Testing & Precautions

All campers and staff will be mailed two rapid antigen tests to self-administer at home prior to camp. One test needs to be taken 48 hours before the first day of camp. The second test needs to be taken the morning of camp, prior to arriving at camper check-in.  Both tests must provide a negative result to attend camp. You will not need to submit your results or save your tests. You will confirm your negative results upon arrival at camper check-in.

Camp WeekTake First TestTake Second Test
July 15-19 (Flambeau: grades 6-8)July 13July 15
July 22-26 (Chippewa: grades 1-6) July 20July 22
July 29-August 2 (Namekagon: grades 9-11)July 27July 29

COVID-19 vaccination is strongly recommended but not required for campers or volunteers to attend Residential Camp. If any additional precautions are necessary, we will communicate those prior to camp.

What to Bring to Camp

Please clearly label all items – including luggage, bedding and clothing, as Camp Odayin is not responsible for lost items.  

  • All medicine in large zip lock bag with current medication sheet  
  • Sleeping bag and pillow – or sheet and blanket 
  • Tennis shoes (closed toe – required for horseback riding) 
  • One hat (crazy or practical) 
  • Water shoes or flip flops / beach sandals 
  • Bug spray and sunscreen  
  • Chapstick or lip sunscreen 
  • Plastic bag for dirty / wet clothes 
  • 3-4 Pairs of shorts 
  • 4-5 T-shirts  
  • 2 Pairs of jeans or long pants (required for horseback riding) 
  • 1-2 Sweatshirts or warm sweaters 
  • Pajamas 
  • Rain jacket or windbreaker 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Shampoo and soap / hairbrush or comb 
  • Plenty of socks and underpants – 6-7 pair each 
  • A swimsuit and beach towel 
  • Bath towel and washcloth

Optional items: Camera, flashlight, sunglasses, night light, noise canceling headphones, small fan, fidget gadgets, sound machine, musical instrument (for Talent Show), sports ball, stationary, book, journal, self-addressed stamped envelope to send mail home

Themed Packing List

One of our main goals at camp is to provide a FUN experience for our campers.  One of the ways we do this is through many silly activities, crazy meals, and goofy evening programs.  As each camp session approaches, we will post the ‘fun packing list’ for each week below and will email to parents/guardians as well. Please try to pack some of the items to enhance the fun of these events.  Check the closet, visit your local thrift store, and hit the garage sales. We don’t recommend spending big money – this is camp and things can get dirty.

Do Not Bring to Camp

Please do not send food, candy, gum, money, video games, DS players, iPods, mp3 players, valuables, water guns, mobile phones, tablets, drones, smart watches, video cameras, skateboards, scooters, or sharp items with your child. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pets, vehicles, and weapons are strictly prohibited at Camp Odayin.

Camp Odayin maintains a strict cell phone and electronics policy for our campers and staff.  Campers may not bring cell phones, smart watches, drones, or iPods to camp (or anything that can connect to the internet).  At check in, campers and parents verify that phones and electronics are not packed for camp.  If so, we will ask the parents to take them home or we’ll take care of them for the week.  Any cell phone or electronic brought to camp will be confiscated and a consequence will be enforced.  Calling home or texting friends distracts from the camp experience and is not allowed.  Please respect this policy.


Fill out the CAMP ODAYIN CURRENT MEDICATION form and bring it to camper check in. Your child’s medications and this form are handed to your child’s nurse at check-in.  Their nurse will be responsible for administering medications while your child is at camp.

Please place ALL medication in a large zip lock bag with your child’s name on the outside of the bag. Each medication needs to come to us in its ORIGINAL prescription bottle, clearly labeled with the camper name, medication name, and dosage. NO PILL BOXES WILL BE ALLOWED.  If your child takes over the counter medications, vitamins, and/or supplements while at camp, these also need to be in their original bottle and given to the nurse at check in. 

If your camper needs to take medication while on the bus – please administer this medication to your child before they get on the bus.

Please put medications requiring refrigeration in a separate bag with “needs refrigeration” and the camper’s name written on the bag.

All medications must be turned in to your child’s nurse.  At no time during camp are campers allowed to carry or be responsible for their own medication. Please send enough medicine for 5 full days, plus one extra day – 6 days total.

If your child has a pacemaker or defibrillator and they use a remote transmission unit (i.e. Carelink from MDT, Latitude from BSC or Merlin from Abbott) – please bring this to camper check in and give to your child’s nurse at registration.  The device will stay in the nurse’s room and will only transmit information with a medical emergency.

Medical Attention

If your child should need medical attention while at camp, they will be evaluated by the lead nurse and cardiologist on site.  Depending on the nature of the event, one of three options will occur.

MINOR – A camp nurse will assess, treat and monitor until no further attention is needed.  You will not be called. (This may include bug bites, cuts, scrapes, headaches, etc.)

NON-URGENT – A camp cardiologist will assess and treat and a nurse will monitor any treatment effects.  You will be contacted and your child may be transported off site. (This may include injury related to falls, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, etc.)

URGENT – If your child should need advanced medical care, paramedics will take your child to Brainerd Medical Center (via ambulance or helicopter) or Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis (via helicopter).  One of the camp cardiologists will accompany your child.  You will be called immediately.

Get Your Odayin Gear

The Camp Odayin store offers awesome hats, sweatshirts, water bottles, t-shirts, and more.  We have items in adult and youth sizes, and all proceeds benefit Camp Odayin.  New merchandise will be sold during camper check-in at Camp HQ in Oakdale.  For campers being dropped off at camp, there will be an opportunity to pre-order new merchandise for us to package and bring to camp with us.  We will share a coupon code and instructions for placing a “pick up” order once we post our new merchandise in June.


If you’d like to send written mail (please no care packages) to your child while at camp, please try to have mail arrive Monday-Thursday.  The address is:

Camper Name
Camp Odayin at Camp Knutson
11148 Manhattan Point Blvd
Crosslake, MN 56442

In addition, you can send a one-way electronic message to your camper through our partnership with BUNK NOTES.  We will provide families with an invitation code specific to Camp Odayin. Upon creating an account, you will be prompted to select a bundle for access to your Parent Portal. Bundles include credits for you to send Bunk Notes and enhance your notes with borders, photos, sports scores, and puzzles. You can select a bundle based on your needs and how often you want to communicate with your camper.

In case of an emergency, you may contact the Camp Odayin cell phone at 651.491.8673. This phone will be checked only during the weeks of camp and the days right before and after camp.  You may call this phone two days before your child attends camp and during their time at camp.  Outside of those times, please call the Odayin office at 651.351.9185 for any needs or questions.  

Group text in case of an emergency, storm at camp, late bus, etc.  By giving your mobile phone number during the camp application process, you opted-in to the emergency texting service from Camp Odayin. We will use this service only if we need to communicate with parents/guardians immediately and as a group. All other communication will be done individually. If you have questions, please contact to discuss.

Social Media

Please share our social media policy with your campers.  We do not allow our staff members to connect with your camper via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat) until your camper graduates from high school AND is 18 years old AND the camper initiates the contact. Email correspondence is ok with us, but again, only if the camper initiates contact.  Please support this policy by letting your camper know they should not reach out to their awesome counselors and nurses via social media. We would be most grateful!

To follow our antics at camp, follow the official Camp Odayin Facebook page, Instagram and Smugmug albums for posted pictures.

Safety Precautions for Activities

Below is basic information about safety and objectives for the high risk activities at camp. This should provide you with a better understanding of potential risks and safety measures. 

When you signed the waiver upon registering your child for camp, you approved participation in a variety of camp activities. If you are hesitant about your child’s participation in any of the following activities, please contact us to restrict or limit their participation.

Safety precautions for ALL activities include sunscreen, full water bottles, water breaks, a nurse present with a walkie talkie and cell phone, and trained Camp Knutson staff as the lead at each activity.

Horseback Riding

Safety Precautions:

  • Be a conscientious rider.
  • Wash hands upon return to camp and before eating.
  • Wear sunscreen and dress for sun protection.
  • Closed-toe shoes and long pants must be worn to horseback riding.
  • Appropriate fitting helmets are mandatory for all campers and staff

Emergency Procedures: 

  • Doctor and Nurses attend riding sessions. 
  • AED and emergency meds on site.


Safety Precautions:

  • All water activities are high risk.
  • Make sure everyone is using a sunscreen of SPF 30 or better.
  • At least one lifeguard (LGT or equivalent) must be stationed and on duty for the campers to go in the water.
  • The ratio of lifeguards to campers is 1:8.
  • Lifeguards should be stationed in key areas according to Camp Knutson’s waterfront procedures.
  • Two breaks for snacks and counselors to make sure all campers accounted for.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Camp Knutson Lifeguard, Doctor, and Nurses are on the waterfront.
  • Remove all campers from the lake at the first signal of lightning or thunder.


Safety Precautions:

  • All water activities are high risk. Campers wear PFDs when in the water.
  • One staff member is stationed at the beach when campers are out on the lake. One staff member is in the canoe or in a neighboring canoe on the lake.
  • Be cautious of hot weather and take frequent water breaks; use sunscreen SPF  30 or better.
  • At least one lifeguard (LGT or equivalent) must be at canoeing for the campers to go out on the lake. 
  • For pontoon rides, a trained Camp Knutson staff drives the boat. Campers and staff remain seated for the entirety of the ride. 
  • For tubing or water skiing, two Camp Knutson staff are present on the speed boat– a trained boat driver and a spot. Campers ride tubes (couch and/or round) in pairs or trios.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Lifeguards, doctors, and nurses are always present at waterfront.
  • Nurse rides boat to monitor health and safety of tubers.


Safety Precautions:

  • Campers spread out on fishing dock – up to 5 campers at at ime. Campers are advised to be aware of their surroundings to avoid falling off the dock or hooks. 
  • All campers fishing must wear a PFD.
  • Casting is prohibited to avoid injuries by a hook since they can easily get lodged in clothing, skin, and eyes.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Camp Knutson staff and a counselor or nurse are present.
  • Lifeguards, doctors, and nurses are always present nearby at waterfront.

Trust & Low Ropes Course 

Safety Precautions:

  • Campers are instructed to follow all instructions provided by trained Camp Knutson staff.
  • All activities, with the exception of the climbing rope wall, are less than 6 feet off the ground. 
  • Camp Knutston staff provide spots for all activities.

Emergency Procedure:

  • Nurse with the cabin
  • Doctor nearby at the boathouse.

Water Wars & Games

Safety Precautions:

  • Latex allergy folks are cheerleaders
  • Follow the game instructions
  • Only launch balloons when participants are in the safety zone

Emergency Procedures:

  • Nurse present
  • Health Center is nearby.

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